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Finally! a funny unbiased parody!!! Im glad you took a neutral side to the argument instead of just bashing macs like everyone else. I love your work. I added you to my favorite artists ^_^ keep up the awesomeness

Bobert-Rob responds:

Thanks, I figured it was about time somebody do an unbiased parody, and figured it might as well be me. Thanks for the comment, Sash!


No criticisms here. I loved the music and how well it synchronized with the animation. very cute!! ^_^


Thanks for bringing back such fond memories of one of the greatest games ever! This was fucking hilarious! Are you making a metal gear awesome 3? can't wait to see sniper wolf ^_^


I liked that the flash had an unexpected ending, but it was more shocking than funny. The mom's facial expression was priceless.


Lol! I love how funny and absurd this was. I couldn't help laughing out loud when Neo got shot in the face by master chief. I especially loved the fact that you incorporated characters from 3 amazing games. It was witty and random; very nice indeed. However, i thought that calling nintendo a "desperate publisher" was a low blow...even if it is kinda true...(sorry nintendo, i love you)


I really love your cute japanese cartoony style of animation (and not just because im a girl) It was really funny how you had such cute characters saying such vulgar things to each other. I like it, but don't take the vulgarity too far or it won't be as funny. It'll just be creepy.


I liked this one better than the first one i saw. You should listen to MesaNine though. I know his criticism may sound a bit harsh, but i think that he gave generally good advice. Your series has tremendous potential. good job

Not bad

Despite the fact that the movie was 10 minutes long, it didn't drag at all, and it was pretty funny! My only problem was with the voice acting. It was difficult to understand, and it sounded very monotone. The script was hilarious, but with more passionate and convincing voice acting, it would be hysterically funny.

darkhitman responds:

Alas, my friends and I are not the best voice talent around. I think it was an improvement over episode 1, in which all the voices were me, but the downside of outsourcing the lines is that the other actors didn't know how I wanted them to fit together. Add this onto the fact that they weren't recorded sequentially, and you get this. For my next movie, I'll maybe rehearse... or something.

Thanks for the review ^^


The fight was beautifully choreographed and very suspenseful. I was impressed with how smooth the movements were. It looked professional. My only suggestion is that you try zooming the camera in or maybe try different camera angles. But overall, it was masterfully done, and the music was badass.

chocolate chip chicken! Think of the alliteration!

totally hilarious. I loved its randomness. now im hungry.

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