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hahah YES!

god i love this video so much. i saw it a while back im so glad it made front page. your flashes are amazing. even your spam is genius

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i really enjoy it

when blatant spam gets front page :)


i thought you did a great job on the animation. i loved the way you animated the wind blowing through the scarecrows fabric. i was also really impressed in the beginning when the bird poop fell and splattered on the camera. overall this was excellent. it was both heartfelt and haunting.

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the reviews for this are great


im speechless...idk what to say. it was very very very funny =o


let me start off by saying that i am a huge fan of your other work. I love your characters and style. i think it's cute, but this one just didn't live up to all the others. i didn't understand why you had to make this one "compelling". All of your previous animations are good despite the minimal animation and no voice overs. the "ADHD" thing got annoying and old after a while, and all it did was make the plot feel disjointed. i felt that the humping animals in the beginning was also unnecessary, and you went overboard on the 24/7 service thing.

it was interesting seeing you experiment with different things such as "comic book mode", but overall, this flash dragged on too long. the pace was slow, and the "ding-ding" sound for every line spoken drove me half insane.
i liked the deleted scene a lot. you should have put that in there.

im a big fan of your previous work, and you're on my list of favorite animators. i've been waiting for you to do another flash, but this one just wasn't as great. i liked your old style better. i hope you keep trying.

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SpikeVallentine responds:

I agree! yes, i learned my lesson! not to make something too long etc. or play out the 24/7, or stupid humping animals! that's lame! why did i do that!?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY! I will try harder etc.etc.etc.

loved it

i found this especially funny because i have pet birds. This flash motivated me to let them out of their cages to fly around.
I love the way you captured bird behavior and showed it in a new light. It was really well animated, hysterically funny, very original, and perfectly voiced. i loved it


this was so cute. the animation was beautiful, and the song was great. the music and the animation went so well together. i really loved this. what song did you use?

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AKS9 responds:

thanks for the comments! glad you think it fit together
the song was made for the flash, its in the audioportal
congrats on getting your wacom :)
i got the wacom i used in this a few xmases ago.. how happy i was:D

this is so cool

i love the story that you set up. it's really compelling. the animation looks really good too.
im getting really into it. =O
im seriously really excited for the next one to come out. why did u have to end it with a cliffhanger? =[

btw, im in the irc. hi


was that you singing in the background music?

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