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Why wasn't this in the collab?

I thought the voice acting was pretty good compared to most newgrounds flashes. Overall, the animation was nice and fluid, and it was funny! making fun of the codec was definitely very original. why wasn't this in the big metal gear collab? it was certainly more enjoyable than a lot of the other flashes in there. especially the ones with the penises in them =(

anyway, good work!

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Shadowii2 responds:

Yep, overally this has better voicing than most, but I have no offense against bad voicing if the movie itself is good. And this wasn't in the MGS collab because this was longer than 30 seconds, which was the time limit per part and this was supposed to be stand-alone flash in the first place. And I sure know what you mean with penises.

Thanks for the review!


the little movies were funny, BUT THE EASTER EGGS WERE THE BEST!!! whose idea was it to put ghetto and borderline racist squirrels into a PSP commercial? seriously, everyone HATED the squirrel psp commercials!!! egoraptor, i love you.

Cute ^.^

i thought it was really good for only your second flash! it was cute. i like your style =)

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omg! elite beats reference! YES!

This flash was random and quirky as hell, but i really liked it. I'm just a little curious as to how the guys playing guitar hero lost their clothing, but w/e. Anyway, overall it was funny, especially the elite beats reference. I will never understand how dancing around to pop music will save the world, but it seems to work. good job

I liked the bakery one-liner!

i loved how the introduction was kinda like final fantasy on acid. Very creative. I also want to commend you on your superb rendition of "victory fanfare" at the end. really great flash. I also liked how you kept comparing FFVII to star wars. I thought the stories were really similar and it kinda irritated me. vaan DOES suck. good job.
I love all of your work <3
i watched half-beard the other day. good stuff =)

Bobert-Rob responds:

Sweetness, glad you enjoy my stuff. And yeah, XII borrows a LOT from star wars, it's pretty annoying. The older final fantasy's would maybe borrow an element of the story or something small like that, but XII just borrowed... like, everything from it. Damn crap. But yes, thanks for watching and commenting! And I'm glad you liked the FF-on-acid intro, heh.

Zephyrduo, what?

i absolutely love your flashes! it's so hard to believe that you do them in such short periods of time. keep it up <3

er...just a little baffled by ur comment zephyrduo =D

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emotional rollercoaster

I loved how your movie started out as an intense adrenaline rush and then quickly became chilling and suspenseful, and the went to haunting and depressing, to happy and sweet. I loved every minute of it! awesome animation and great story


kudos for using a system of a down song ^_^
It was really funny, but the drawings looked a little sloppy
But i really liked it. well done

i LOVE it!

This was by far one of the greatest works of flash i have ever seen! Everything was smooth and flawless from the slow-motion and the sound effects to the voice-acting! I love how the menu screen had music from super smash melee. I also loved your attention to detail. Each character had their own profile and fighting style that matched their personality. it's evident that you put a tremendous amount of time and effort into this and it paid off ^_^
Totally adding this to my favorites =D


I thought this flash was okay. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't that good either. The flash lacked fluidity and i thought that the animation looked a bit amateur, but i've seen worse.

HippieGothie responds:

Well I am new at this, and I had a deadline for class, but i know i could do better. thanks for youre input.

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